Boating Safety Kit

Boating Safety Kit – Don’t leave shore without it!

Emergencies and accidents are unpredictable, so be prepared. Your boating safety kit should be kept on board no matter what kind of boat you’re on. Be sure to include enough supplies for multiple people, for multiple days. Essential items your safety kit should include (in no particular order):

  • Flashlight – A flashlight with extra batteries. Get a crank-able charging one if you can. If you have other electronics that rely on batteries, have spare batteries! Consider a portable solar charger as well.
  • Duct tape – and zip ties!
  • Bucket or bailing device – keep that water out! 
  • First aid kit – and know how to use it. Learn CPR. Consider including a trauma kit as well.
  • Emergency blankets – the foil kind, at least one per person
  • Knife – various types and sizes may come in handy
  • Fishing pole, net, and tackle – can earn you a meal
  • NOAA Radio – keep an eye and ear on that weather
  • VHF Radio – a cell phone may not function off-shore
  • Instruction binder – for equipment and emergency procedures
  • Whistle – A Fox40 whistle is great. Also consider an air horn and signal flares.
  • Ropes – and learn some boating knots like the bowline, figure 8, square, and double fishermen’s bend  
  • Mirror – or other reflective signaling device
  • Water – and non-perishable snacks. You can’t drink the sea water!
  • Garbage bags – heavy duty, contractor type
  • Fire extinguishers – the more the merrier
  • Life jackets – You should have a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket for every person on board. 
  • A survival book – also maybe something to pass the time if needed.